Minor migrants having crossed the sea. 

Syracusa, Sicily - for Terre des hommes

From the african coast (mainly Lybia), hundreds of people seeking a better life in Europe are trying to reach the coasts of Italy, Sicily or Lampedusa.

Every week, it's more than 1000 refugees and asylum seekers who disembark in the port of Augusta. Amongst them, minor migrants from Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh, Mali, Guinea,… They've been traveling alone for weeks or months, carrying with them the hope of a whole family or community.

Arriving in Italy, they are supposed to stay in transit centers a few days before being referred to other places. Unfortunately, the period of expectation might toast up to a few months. Staying in centers with no occupation while the life and hope is waiting for them outside.

Terre des hommes is leading a pilote project: the minors have access to psychological meeting with professional during which they can talk about what they've been through during their journey. They can also follow a process to think about their dreams in Europe and the ways to achieve them.