Les passeurs du réel - François Struzik

Les passeurs du réel

journée autour du journalisme vivant

Quai 22, Namur (Belgium)

24 mars 2019

"L'image adolescente"

Strong and fragile.

Ghana, Ecuador, Palestine, Cambodia, Belgium... portraits of teenagers.


Portefolio: follow the link.

Expo photo molenbeek Plan Belgium © François Struzik - simply human

Travel Photography

Pop up shop

Encore Brussels gallery,

rue de Flandre, 91

June 22-23-24 2018


Expo photo molenbeek Plan Belgium © François Struzik - simply human

Filles, garçons, à égalité?

Equality between girls and boys… fact or fiction?

photo exhibition for Plan International Belgium

Maison des Cultures, Molenbeek (Belgium)

16.10.17 - 28.10.17

Sacred journey Alliance française Karachi © François Struzik

Voyage sacré - Sacred Journey

photo exhibition by François Struzik

Alliance française de Karachi (AfK) (Pakistan)

08.02.16 - 15.02.16

Retro presse Namur François Struzik Migrations

Migrations - François Struzik

12 pictures around migrations

invited photographer

Galerie du Beffroi - Namur (B)

29.01.16 - 28.02.16

© Barbara Pronier
© Barbara Pronier

Migrants d'hier et d'aujourd'hui CRIC Charleroi © François Struzik - simply human

"Migrants d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, expulsons  nos préjugés"

"Migration today and before: enough with prejudices!"

Around migration with the photography of François Struzik - simply human

CRIC Charleroi (B) - 2016

CRIC: Centre Régional d'Intégration de Charleroi.

Université Ouverte de Charleroi - 2016

Centre Culturel La Villa Culture de Ganshoren - 2016

Maison de la Laïcité, Andenne - 2016

Kusrdistan Alevi Religion
14th MUNZUR Culture & Nature - Festival of DERSIM (Turkey) © François Struzik

14th MUNZUR Culture & Nature 

Festival of DERSIM (Turkey)

Conférence migration François Struzik photographe Louvain-la-Neuve LLN

Migration and photography

La migration vue par la photographie, par le photographe François Struzik

Louvain-la-Neuve (B) 25/03/15

Agora 11, 20.30

A conference where I'll share my experience of taking pictures of migrant people in some places of the world.

More than anything, I want to share their stories. Why they are moving, what are the conditions, the risks and the opportunities.

The conference is organized by the Photokot, a collective of students working to spread the interest in photography.

Rue de Steppes,

portrait of an urban area

Liège - Belgium - permanent exhibition

The area between the St-Leonard's Church, the railway and the very industrial district of Herstal has suffered a lot these last decades.
A new square is born rue de Steppes, just by a primary school and a new playground.
The architects proposed to make a portrait of the area to be exhibited permanently on the doors of the square.
The hands of the people living in this area where a lot of workshops used to make it living, was an obvious choice.
This area will continue to live with the commitment and the work of the inhabitants themselves.

Voyage en Islam

Théâtre de Namur  (B) - 11/2014

Islam - a journey:

photographic exhibition at the Théâtre de Namur,


opening the 13th of November at 6.30pm.


"Islam - a journey" is a long term journey through the muslim world. Kosovo, Morocco, India, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Bangladesh. François Struzik takes us into rites, pieces of human life, meeting the "other".
From the brightness of the Himalayan skies to the darkness of the slums, from joy to tears, from hope to resignation, François Struzik' pictures bring us together with him in his journey in Islam."


© Olivier Cellière
© Olivier Cellière

François Struzik - Fotografie

Raum Für Kunst - Aachen (D) - 02/2013

a high quality print catalogue was produced for this exhibition.

Parcours de femmes

Quai 22 - Namur (B) - 03/2013

Ville d'Etterbeek (B) - 2016

Pèlerinage Hamadcha

Galerie 11 - Brussels (B) - 01/2013

Forum des Halles - Louvain-la-Neuve (B) - 10/2012

Art Namur - collective exhibition of contemporary art

Namur (B) - 11/2010

Visages d'Islam

Galerie Kapellet - Namur (B) - 03/2010

Stocznia Gdanska - workers of the Gdansk Shipyard

a sound and picture project. A collective work with Cécile Liège - Le sonographe

Photo Gallery - Brussels (B) - 2010

Stocznia Gdanska - workers of the Gdansk Shipyard

a sound and picture project. A collective work with Cécile Liège - Le sonographe

Stavelot (B)- Nantes (F) - Saint-Nazaire (F) - Charleroi (B) - 2005- 2006