Original prints from field work made by a professional photographer.

All the pictures on the website can be ordered for printing.

Prints available in different sizes and types :

© simply human - François Struzik
Chromaluxe print




- ChromaLuxe high definition, scratch resistant and top quality print (directly printed on a metal sheet) made at Colorfield Lab in Wavre.


-  price range from 350€ (30x45cm) 


Order by email.




- 4x6 inches print

- analog or digital print

- signed and numerated 

- 120 € 


Order by email

Original print JJ Micheli Lab François Struzik collection color

Professional digital color print. Print made at Colorfield Lab in Wavre.


500 x 750 (picture's size)


420 Euro.


Order by email.

Original print baryta paper Jean Crabeels François Struzik collection B&W N&B

Professional hand-made Black & White print on baryta paper. Hand-printed by Jean Crabeels at "La Chambre Noire" in Brussels.


400 x 600 (paper's size)


455 Euro.


Order by email.

Other sizes and aluminium frames available on request. 


Hand made color prints available on request (for analog color pictures only).