Original prints from field work made by a professional photographer.

All the pictures on the website can be ordered for printing.

© simply human - François Struzik
Chromaluxe print


Special offer.


Choose a picture on the website:


- 30x45 cm

- ChromaLuxe high definition, scratch resistant and top quality print (directly printed on a metal sheet)

- 300€ (out of VAT if applicable).


Order by email.




Prints available in different sizes:

- 4x6 inches print

- analog or digital print

- signed and numerated 

- 100 € (out of VAT if applicable)


Order by email

Original print JJ Micheli Lab François Struzik collection color

Professional digital color print. Print made at J-J Michelli Lab in Brussels.


500 x 750 (picture's size)


350 Euro (out of VAT if applicable).


Order by email.

Original print baryta paper Jean Crabeels François Struzik collection B&W N&B

Professional hand-made Black & White print on baryta paper. Hand-printed by Jean Crabeels at "La Chambre Noire" in Brussels.


400 x 600 (paper's size)


375 Euro (out of VAT if applicable).


Order by email.

Other sizes and aluminium frames available on request. 


Hand made color prints available on request (for analog color pictures only)