Farming and local markets



Nigeria, Benin, 





Equality between girls and boys, fact of fiction?


Benin, Ecuador,


Cambodia, Belgium


 Small scale milk producers under pressure


Djolof, Senegal



Leprosy and tuberculosis affected communities


Bihar, India


The migrants new route


Croatia & Slovenia


The colors of the wall surrounding




Rue de Steppes

Liège - Belgium


Zaatari, lost in the desert

Syrian border, Jordan


Invisible Iraqi refugees

Syria & Jordan


Calais, a border



Illiria, the independence 




workers of the shore



Homeless camping

Charleroi - Belgium


Destroyed by an earthquake

Kashmir (Pak. Ad.)


State of shock

Kashmir (Pak. Ad.)


Workers of the Gdansk shipyards


 "I am not objective. I speak my mind, I am human.

You can feel my anger, my questions. There is no propaganda, my pictures tell the truth."


Stanley Greene