Female football team in the Atakora, Benin

 "Equality between boys and girls, fact or fiction?" Female football team © François Struzik - simply human 2017
Female football team in the Atakora, supported by Plan International Belgium

In Benin, equality between girls and boys is challenged by gender stereotypes, which don't allow girls to achieve what they are capable of.

In order to challenge these stereotypes, Plan International Belgium has started female football teams in the communities and regions where they are active, amongst them in the Atakora.

Football is mainly a male activity in Benin and girls had to struggle to be accepted as real football players in their family, school,... Football game is not the only training: they'll learn to express themselves, to talk loud and proud, to strengthen their self-confidence. With football, these girls get stronger #UnlockThePowerOfGirls