Following the good will Ambassador for SOS Faim in Senegal

Joëlle Scoriels, ambassadrice pour SOS faim en visite au Sénégal
Joëlle Scoriels, good will ambassador for SOS Faim, visiting a farm in Senegal

Joëlle Scoriels is the good will Ambassador of the belgian NGO SOS Faim. She has visited a project the NGO is supporting in Dhara, Djolof, meeting women who are cow breeders. Most of the families rely upon the milk their cows produce as the main income of the family. Unfortunately, the over production from Europe is sold at a very cheap price on the local market, making a huge pressure on the local producers.
SOS Faim is helping local producers to have better income from their production.
Joëlle has met local producers in their village. She was spontaneous and deeply interested by the people she met!