- Winterreise -

this journey is a smooth navigation between documentary photography and fiction.  - Belgium, Poland, Moldova

Spring is almost there, winter is almost over. Time to pause my Winterreisen.


In 2021, stuck at home for months, I couldn't wait anymore to go out. During this crisis, weirdness became normality. As it was nearly forbidden to travel, I decided to start a “Winterreise” in my own country.

I have always turned my camera to people but this time, I have  photographed only empty landscapes. 


Empty landscapes, meaningful landscapes, people absent from my pictures, photographs of my own mind and hopes.


It was winter when I started this journey. First, I travelled by bus and by car around my own land, Wallonia, for a photographic journey. Then I moved to other landscapes, as meaningful to me, where History and tensions could still be felt. 

The second chapter took place at the confines of Poland, along the borders with Russia, Lithuania and Belarus.

The third and currently last chapter took place in Moldova, at the border with Ukraine.


My Winterreisen are a smooth navigation between documentary photography and fiction. 

It’s definitely based on reality, unstaged and it talks about the territories I’ve been crossing.


Based on this documentary work, I intend to create a fictional territory, expressing my mindset and the anxieties of our time. 

"Winterreisen" are deeply rooted in the romanticism when a new era was to come.