Photographing bicycles

How did I start to photograph bicycles?


Of course, I've always liked to go outside and, as a photographer, take pictures of the landscapes, the nature.

The last years, I've used my bicycle mainly as a transportation machine in the city. But as an artist, You like nice objects, don't You? So I've purchased a Finnish designed bicycle, made in Europe, a Pelago Bristol.

Lately, I was waiting for weeks for an assignment which was constantly delayed. I was free for a few weeks so I've bought a travelling machine, a Pelago Stavanger I had tried in Helsinki previously. And for weeks, I was riding everyday in the countryside nearby, uphill, downhill, in the mud, on the road,... Even if I was pretty unfit for biking long stretches, I was happy and getting more and more confident and enduring.

From the very first day, I've decided the challenge to make at least one picture of my day ride and publish it on a dedicated Instagram account : stavanger_fernweh (fernweh is the opposite of homesick in German). This forced me to focus on the landscape along my road and not on the speed, the kilometers, etc... I've also decided not to meter myself in anyway and to ban electronic devices from my bicycle to focus on what I could see.


Time has passed and I've cycled long and short rides, slowly but looking at the landscape, at the nature, enjoying the road.

I was happy that Pelago eventually proposed me to publish some of my pictures. Obviously, we share some values and an aesthetic.
I always take pictures seriously even if it is for my own pleasure.


My only goals would be to encourage people to cycling, a carbon-free, healthy way of travelling and to promote a slow pace riding.

The following pictures have been taken around Namur (my city in Belgium) or during a coast to coast ride in UK.