Shrine culture in

Kashmir (Indian ad.) 

Srinagar is a city of shrines.

Even Jesus and his mother  have their own shrines in Kashmir.

Kashmir was islamized by sufis. Their shrines are still venerated at their "urs". Thousands of pelgrims come to pray, ask, cry, ...

The mosques are usually attended by men at prayer time, even if a room is reserved for women.

During the "urs" or the other festivals, the shrines are crowded with women. They come to the graves of the saints to ask for a better family life, children, fertility,.... In a society where feelings shouldn't be expressed, they come to cry, to show their sorrow,... The very heart of the shrine is not allowed to women (and non-muslim) and the demands are passed through the men inside on papers. A banknote is always added as it's supposed to help.

At prayer time, the women leave the shrine for a separate prayer room. The men will soon start a "Zikr".