Paddling in Dalsland - Sweden

Europe's finest fresh water system

Once upon a time, the shores of Dalsland's lakes were busy with  people working. The canal system between the numerous lakes of the area allowed to transport  easily the timbers, the metal forged from the various mines, ... to the huge Vänern Lake and abroad. 

Now that the road is the cheapest way of transportation, remain the beautifull quiet lakes, the canal and the forests around. The people have slowly fled Dalsland with the factories closing down leaving one of the more varied landscape of Sweden.

Paddling in Dalsland is a unique experience for beginners as for experienced paddlers. The canal system between the lakes allows to paddle from lake to lake for miles. The Dalslands-Nordmarkland (DANO) has arranged wind shelters on various places of the system. But the best thing is still to find a quiet place where to settle the tent as it's allowed to overnight almost everywhere in Sweden.



Once the canot is on the shore and the bivy settled: as the sun is barely going down on long summer days, the shout of the black throated divers or buzzards in the quiet evening will remind this area is real wild one. Wild Dalsland!