South from Dhâka by boat - Bangladesh

by ferry towards the Bay of Bengal

Once in Dhakâ, the only thing You wish is to get out of this crowdy, noisy city. With more than 16 millions of inhabitants, the city has one of the most dense population. Leaving the capital, You will have to drive hours in the traffic jams and even more hours on dangerous roads. If You're heading south, one option is still open: the boat! At the boat station, You'll have to find Your way amongst the dozens of ships waiting. On the ships and the docks, You'll be able to buy any kind of products brought by the peasants from the villages as well as cheap chinese items. On the lower deck, villagers are installed on the floor, cooking, eating, praying,... If You really want to have a peaceful night, a couple of 1st class cabins are available on the upper deck.

One night on the water of Bangladesh and You'll be closer of the Bay of Bengal.