The king's trail with kids -  Sweden

The Kungsleden, a good introduction to the wild.

Kungsleden is one of the major trails of Sweden. Starting in Abisko, Lapland, and going south for more than 400 km through the "fjällen" of Northern Sweden.

The landscape is made of wide valleys in U shape, surrounded by peaks and long cold lakes at the bottom. The water is clean, clear and drinkable directly from the streams.
The nature is wild as there are no roads, no telephone network, no burdens, ... for tens of kilometers!

Though, during winter and summer time, self-catering cabins from STF are open to walkers (or skiers) making easier to walk the trail without carrying a tent. Food should be carried for the duration of the whole hike. The wardens will help in case of emergency.

In some of the cabins, sauna can be found and it's a real reward to have a sauna after a long walk with a heavy backpack (more pictures here!). Jumping into the cold stream (naked!) is a must!


Kungsleden is a good start to hike with kids if You plan more ambitious hikes further on. It's safe, clean, not too hard but giving a good sensation of getaway from civilisation. It's definitely an experience for teenagers.

Walking from Abisko to Nikkaluokta will make a 110Km hike.

- As it's far away from everything, a good and tested equipment is needed for everyone and the adult at least should have a good hiking routine.
- The weather is changing really quickly from a (Swedish) summer feeling to a nordic storm weather. Adapted clothing is absolutely necessary!