5 peaks in Snowdonia -  Wales, UK

Climbing in the first snow.

When travelling, most of us are looking for a place that will seem "exotic", in a way that it'll challenge our habits, the light we're used to, the space around us. 
Not going far away in "exotic" countries, Wales can offer You theses changes you might need. And more than any places in Wales, Snowdonia is the perfect place if You're looking for a feeling of wilderness.

Snowdonia is a National Park in Northern Wales, starting at the level of the Irish Sea to the peak of Mount Snowdon. The latest is the highest peak of the park, though, You can find more off-the-beaten-tracks peaks to climb on: Cnight, The Arans, The Berwyns, The Roman Steps and of course, the majestic Cader Idris.

Climbing during fall gives an extra feeling as the lower temperature at the top allows the snow and ice to stay.