14. November 2017
A female football team supported by Plan International Belgium in the Atakora, Benin. Football is a way to empower girls.
14. November 2017
Working with young reporters on a project on gender equality in Benin, Cambodia, Ecuador and Belgium. The project "Equality between boys and girls, fact or fiction?" is produced by Plan International Belgium
29. August 2017
Hiking on Fulufjället National Park in Dalarna, Sweden, at the Norwegian border. A high plateau with the highest waterfall of Sweden and its oldest tree.
13. March 2017
Learning scouts photographic skills, for a better world!
01. February 2017
Joëlle Scoriels, ambassadrice pour SOS faim en visite au Sénégal
Joëlle Scoriels is the good will Ambassador of the belgian NGO SOS Faim. She has visited a project the NGO is supporting in Dhara, Djolof, meeting women who are cow breeders. Most of the families rely upon the milk their cows produce as the main income of the family. Unfortunately, the over production from Europe is sold at a very cheap price on the local market, making a huge pressure on the local producers. SOS Faim is helping local producers to have better income from their production....
26. October 2016
Velofabrik in Damme, Belgium © François Struzik - simply human
A shooting of the Velofabrik bicycles for the upcoming website, catalogue and other communication tools of the belgian bicycle brand. Hand-made in Brussels bicycles tested in the countryside of Flanders, in Damme, near Bruges. Definitely a very cool place to ride!
25. May 2016
Field work in Bihar © François Struzik - simply human 2016 - India
During the spring 2016, we were shooting a documentary film on leprosy and tuberculosis affected communities in Bihar for Damien Foundation India Trust. We spent a long time with a family in the village of Supa Sarae. Fortunately, we got quite close and could photograph and film their daily life. One of the role of women in this rural area is to feed the cattle. Women and girls usually go in their fields in late afternoon to collect grass for the buffalos, sheeps, goats, ... The cattle and...
13. May 2016
© François Struzik - simply human - Clifton beach, Karachi - Pakistan
Karachi is known for being avery busy city, sometimes violent and harsh. Nevertheless, it's a city of pure magic with its gigantic malls and galeries neighboring slums and bigotry. Clifton beach is a leisure place for the working class and the people of Karachi. A place of joy, peace and rest.
25. January 2016
© François Struzik - simply human - Conseil Communal des jeunes de la Ville de Herstal
The Youth City council of the city of Herstal (B) has decided to work on the gender issue, sexism and gender bias in society. We've started our work by collecting stereotypical adverts from the sixties and seventies and trying to determine wether these situation were acceptable in today's life. The answer was ambiguous, we then have decided to invert the situation but in a way that would that any stereotypical situations is poisonous for the members of our society.
13. January 2016
Finding a good coffee place is not an issue in Delhi: from Starbuck's to the local Norma's coffee and the huge amount of top-end (expensive) posh places - with indo-scandinavian furnitures. But if You want a real coffee place where You won't be charged up to 300 Rs for a simple americano, a place where You know the coffee beans are coming from India, a central place where the profit is not the top priority… head Connaught place and find the Indian Coffee house (this point is not easy, but...

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